TRAINING PERIOD: 10th July 2023 – 10th September 2023

SENDING INSTITUTION: Transilvania University of Brasov (Romania)

PROGRAMME OF THE TRAINEESHIP: Amounting to 40 hours per week, the activities were carried out within IECLO Secretariat and required the trainee, firstly, to perform pure basic research, that is research of documents, sources and judgements under the guidance of the Mentor. Secondly, said research shifted to a more strategic approach, where the trainee was asked by the Menter to select on her own documents, sources and judgements, also needed to acquire the desired level of knowledge. Thirdly, the trainee was tasked with elaborating a systematic work, using such existing knowledge, gained from research or practical experience, in order to write news and insights on the topics covered by IECLO. During these tasks, the trainee was required to express the capability to critically analyze issues related to the prosecution of international crimes, not only at the universal level but also at regional and European ones. The trainee was also actively involved in the editorial management of a legal-oriented scientific journal. 

See here the Survey on Traineeship