On Monday 27 May – from 8.30 a.m. – the final conference of the first edition of the Jean Monnet EU-GLOBACT Module “Transnational Crime and EU Law: towards Global Action against Cross-border Threats to common security, rule of law and human rights”, co-funded by the European Commission (2023-2026), took place in Room 2 of the Fisciano / University of Salerno campus.

The conference entitled “Fighting Transnational Crime in the Digital Age: Balancing Security and Rights in the Cyberspace” is organized in the framework of the IECLO Multidisciplinary Legal Observatory, based at the DSG and is open to the free participation of the academic community (students, postgraduates, PhD students, researchers, scholars), the legal professions, political operators, civil society in general.

After the welcoming speeches of Prof. Vincenzo Loia (Rector of the University of Salerno) and Profs. Francesco Fasolino (Director of the Department of Legal Sciences), Giuseppe D’Angelo (President of the Didactic Council of the Department of Legal Sciences) and Avv. Gaetano Paolino (President of the Council of the Salerno Bar Association) will be followed by three working sessions on:

  1. Transnational Crimes, Digitalisation and Human Rights in the EU Policies and Law moderated by Virginie Mercier (Full Professor of Economic Environmental Law, University of Aix-Marseille) and introduced by Gaspare Dalia (Senior Researcher of Criminal Procedure Law, University of Salerno); The session will be enlivened by the speeches of Roxana Matefi (Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Brasov), Daniela Marrani (Senior Researcher of International Law, University of Salerno), Mehdi Zakwerian (Associate Professor of Human Rights, Azad Islamic University), Fabio Coppola (Researcher of Criminal Law, University of Salerno) and by the intervention of Giovanni De Bernardo (Ph.D. in Criminal Law, University of Salerno).
  2. Transnational Crimes Digitalisation and Judicial Cooperation in the EU Policies and Law moderated by Rocco Alfano (Deputy Prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Salerno) and introduced by Cosimo Risi (Ambassador, Professor of European Policies, University “Federico II” of Naples): the session will be animated by the speeches of Florin Roman (Associate Professor of Commercial Law and Tax Law at the Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Visiting Professor, University of Salerno), Bianca Rinaldi (Deputy Public Prosecutor – MAGRIF (Reference Magistrate for Innovation) of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Salerno), Gianpaolo Nuzzo (Deputy Prosecutor at the Salerno Public Prosecutor’s Office), Anna Iermano (Senior Researcher in International Law, University of Salerno) and the paper presented by students Orsola Ilenia Conte and Teresa D’Aniello;
  3. EU-GLOBACT Research Papers Presentation. The afternoon session will take place in Room 3 and will be moderated by Anna Oriolo (Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Salerno; EU-GLOBACT Leader) and introduced by Francesco Di Paola (Lawyer) and will be dedicated to the papers of the students participating in the EU-GLOBACT Course, selected by the scientific and research staff of the Project: Marialaura Addario, Raffaele Auricchio, Sabrina Giusy Barbarisi, Velia Teresa Caprino, Aurora Crecca, Maria Durato Avino, Giovanni Guida, Giuseppe Guglielmotti, Francesca Maria Mari, Ilaria Merola, Antonio Moschettino, Rashid Marco Peruzzi, Sara Visone.